4 Ways to Improve your Kerb Appeal

June 16th, 2021

Here are 4 ways to boost your kerb appeal within 60 minutes:

When a potential buyer arrives at your home you instantly want them to fall in love with it. However, that won’t happen unless your house looks good.

Paint Your Doors: Does your front or garage door look tired? If so give it a lick of paint to give people a great first impression.

Wash Your Windows: Wash all of your windows, inside and out, as this will give buyers a fresh feel as they walk through your home.

Pressure wash Your Outdoor Surfaces: Pressure washing your driveway, front path and decking is a quick and easy way of freshening up your house’s outdoor appearance as it will give it a ‘like new’ feel.

Tidy Your Garden: Make sure your garden looks neat. Cut your grass, weed your flower beds, trim your trees or plant some nice flowers to make your garden look pretty. A tidy garden gives out a great first impression as it shows buyers you have taken care of it.

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4 ways to improve your kerb appeal when selling your home