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what percentage of houses sell? Estate agent selling a house

I’ve been asked recently “What percentage of houses sell?” No one really knows how many houses sell as a percentage of those that are listed. The reason is that estate agents don’t ‘show their wares’ or disclose how many properties they have sold. It’s sort of a trade secret, for some reason. It’s different in other […]

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two people looking at computer screens, one happy the other angry

They are everywhere at the moment. Almost every agent has one and they can be useful, but also quite annoying. Here is a guide to instant online valuations and how you treat the results. I’ve even got one on my homepage, so after you’ve read this article take a look and see what yours “could” […]

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homebuyer confused as they don't know what sales progression is

If you are buying or selling in Christchurch, Bournemouth, or Poole at some point you’ll come across this term and think “What is sales progression?” Sales progression is the term that agents use for getting a sale through to exchange & completion after a sale has been agreed. Once you accept an offer on the […]

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how do you value a house in christchruch

September 7th, 2022

How Do You Value a House?

How do you value a house? This is the first thing you need to do when you’re thinking of selling. But do you really need to get an estate agent out to value your house? Here are a few ways that you can determine the value of your own house and how estate agents come […]

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6 Home Updates to Make After a Decade Home updates to make after a decade. All homes need a bit of TLC after a while and there comes a time when you have to face up to the fact that, no matter how much you love where you live and no matter how much you […]

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4 ways to improve your kerb appeal when selling your home

Here are 4 ways to boost your kerb appeal within 60 minutes: When a potential buyer arrives at your home you instantly want them to fall in love with it. However, that won’t happen unless your house looks good. Paint Your Doors: Does your front or garage door look tired? If so give it a lick […]

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